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Details of all Branches, DTTE (HQ) with work dealt with:-

S. No.

Name of Branch in DTTE (HQ)

Branch Head

Work dealing with


Establishment-I Branch 

DD (E-I)

All administrative matters/policy issues and court cases of all DSEU (formerly Institutes of Technology). Further DD (E-I) has been deputed as H.O.O. in respect of all DSEU (formerly Institutes of Technology)


Establishment-II Branch


All service matters of various officers/officials belonging to ex-cadre posts i.e. Principal/Vice Principal, G.I, C.I., Contractual C.I., P.I.T.,  WSA etc. of 19 Govt. ITIs.


Establishment-III/Secretariat Branch


All the establishment /administrative matters related to Degree Colleges/Universities  i.e. DTU, IGDTUW, NSUT, DPSRU, COA, IIIT-D 


Establishment-IV/Admn. Branch

DD (Admn.)

All service matters of various officers/officers belonging to organized cadre posts i.e. IAS, DANICS, GNCTDSS, Accounts, IT, Steno., Planning and Ex-cadre Group-D (now Group-C).


Vigilance Branch

DD (Vig.)

All vigilance / Complaints matters in respect of all Gazetted Officers / Non-Gazetted Officials of DTTE 


Accounts Branch


All financial matters of ITIs, HQ, BTE, all Universities, Engineering Colleges under DTTE. 


Skill Development


Work related to various Scholarship Schemes, State Fee Regulatory Committee for Private Diploma level Institutes affiliated to BTE, Admission to Private Diploma Level Institutes affiliated to BTE, Academic Calendar, Staff Developments, Delhi Skills Mission Society, PMKVY, CDTP, TECOS, and SDI-MES. Further, nodal branch of PGMS/LG Listening/CPGRAMs Grievances Portal 


Litigation Branch

AO (Lig.)

All courts matters, issuances of BTF.


Allotment Branch

DD (Admn.)

Work related to allot the Govt. Accommodation under DTTE Pool to the eligible Officers / Officials working under DTTE. 


Training Branch

DD (Trg.)

All academic matters related to the training and admission of NCVT/SCVT trades of Delhi it is as per direction of DGT, National Apprenticeship Promotion Scheme (NAPS) and various CCS likes STRIVES, SANKALP and MGNF etc. 


Exam Branch

DD (Trg.)

Exam related matters of NCVT, SCVT, TECOS, Shorthand Skill Test and WCSC. Further, all Grievances, Scholarship, SCVT affiliation, TASSKS and condemnation related of all ITIs under DTTE.


Care Taking Branch

DD (Admn.)

Deals with Purchases of Stationery, General Store & other miscellaneous items and their distribution to various branches, Reimbursement of Newspaper Bills, Payment of Telephone Bills & Mobile Bills. Takes care of Sanitation & Security works and makes arrangement pertaining to various meetings organized at DTTE (HQ), Deployment of Staff Vehicles to Officers of DTTE (HQ).


Receipt & Issue Branch

DD (Admn.)

Work related to receipt and issue DAKs and Files of TTE and other Department of GNCTD. 


Planning Branch

DD (Plg.)

Matters related to Scheme / Projects / Programmes under DTTE.


RTI Branch

DD (Admn.)/PIO

All RTI matter under DRTI Act 2001 and RTI Act 2005 (Physical and Online). First Appeal and CIC related RTI matters. 



Coordination Branch

DD (Admn.)

Deals with CM Speech on the occasion of Independence Day / Republic Day, Parliament / Assembly Questions reply, Issuance of Medical facility card under DGEHS to officers/officials under DTTE, circulation of information matters/circulars, training as per the training programme of UTCS and appointment of nodal officers.


Computer / I.T. Branch


Maintenance and updation of the website of DTTE. AMCs of IT hardware of DTTE (HQ). Deals with all e-Governance projects like e-Office, e-sla services, GSDL etc. and other IT related work.